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Angel Quantity 11: Meanings + What To Do When You See It

As a refresher, twin flames symbolize the concept one soul will be break up into two our bodies, leading to two individuals having a deep soul connection. Twin flame connections aren’t recognized to be simple, as they’re related to accelerated religious awakenings and intense progress—however may also facilitate main therapeutic in one another’s lives.

For those who’ve been seeing angel quantity 11 and suppose you’ve got met your twin flame, Richardson says it could really be encouraging you to be extra singular and impartial in wholesome methods inside the relationship. The reason is, she says, is as a result of these relationships can rapidly turn out to be all-consuming or codependent. So, she says, “Tighten up your energetic and emotional boundaries.”

In some circumstances, nevertheless, 11 is also letting “there may be an invite with this individual to start out one thing new and exquisite collectively—like a enterprise, a wedding, a household, or a social motion,” Richardson says.

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