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20 Dehydrated Meals Recipes – Low Carb No Carb

Uncover the artwork of 20 Dehydrated Meals Recipes and unlock a world of versatile meals to dehydrate excellent for backpacking journeys and each pantry wants necessities. Learn to dehydrate meals, dehydrate greens and fruits, create important dehydrated meals, retailer dehydrated meals, and even put together complete meals that may be conveniently saved and rehydrated with boiling water, all utilizing a meals dehydrator.

A variety of dried fruits and vegetables in a bowl.
Dehydrated Meals Recipes. Photograph credit score: Low Carb – No Carb.

Forms of Meals To Dry

Drying your meals is an effective way not just for preservation. Drying meals is superb for consuming more healthy, saving cash, filling up your pantry, including granolas or path combine, packing for college lunches, or utilizing it as backpacking meals.

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Discover our information to dehydrating meals, learn to dehydrate, what devices to make use of and what you may make out of your dry meals. Get the entire assortment of dehydrated meals recipes you possibly can protect for months. Remodel your harvest into chips, candies, powders, desserts, and way more, all gluten-free, low-carb, keto, grain-free and ideal for individuals with diabetes. 

Dehydrator Recipes

Utilizing a dehydrator to your recipes is a straightforward method to remodel greens into chips and cheese into crisps. Seeds into uncooked bread crackers. Herbs to seasonings or complete meals into a totally ready mild meal that lasts longer when wanted. 

A dehydrator saves a number of trouble, and the whole lot is completed with a button swap. 

Dried Greens

Beginning with dehydrated low carb greens, our hottest crunchy zucchini chips are a snack the entire household loves. Youngsters who by no means touched zucchinis earlier than eat these chips as it’s the solely meals within the universe. 

After a lot reputation, I’ve even remodeled them for adults, and our smoked paprika zucchini chips are excellent for nibbling together with your night drink. 

The identical goes for cucumber chips or dehydrated broccoli. The style is so scrumptious that you’ll by no means even consider having common chips, which don’t add something nutritionally to your physique. 

Dry Fruit 

After making our fruit roll-ups, I experimented and dehydrated extra low carb fruits. The roll-ups I’ve made fairly a couple of occasions are at all times eaten inside a couple of days. However I had no thought how our dehydrated strawberries can be much more in style.

And I bought hooked once I made a strawberry powder out of them and used it on our cake. 

And there got here dehydrated raspberries in addition to blueberries.

Dried Meals

Aside from vegatables and fruits, I’ve made steps so that you can learn to make selfmade pork rinds or candy churro–chicharron.

And once I had an extra quantity of seeds in my pantry, I remodeled them into crispy uncooked seed crackers bread.

All of this makes use of solely a dehydrator. I bought a easy dehydrator I purchased in a store for 15 euros. Nothing fancy, however I bought the proper wholesome meals decisions.

And now you possibly can discover all of it with me. 

A variety of sliced fruits and vegetables on a table.
Dehydrating Recipes.

Dehydrated Meals Recipes

No matter dehydrated meals recipe you decide, I guarantee you that you’re doing your self and your loved ones a terrific favor by remodeling your wholesome meals right into a nutritious snack, chips, or candies. 

Not solely will you save a substantial sum of money shopping for freeze-dried meals, however additionally, you will remodel your loved ones and youngsters into health-conscious people. 

Advantages of Dehydrating Meals

Dehydrating meals is without doubt one of the oldest methods to protect and affords a number of advantages, together with prolonged shelf life, lowered meals waste, and enhanced portability for on-the-go snacking, dehydrated backpacking meals and out of doors adventures. By eradicating a considerable quantity of water within the meals, dry objects change into light-weight, nutrient-dense, and retain their flavors, making them a handy and nutritious addition to any kitchen or journey pack.

Dehydrated meals will not be solely wholesome however as a result of it retains all of its nutritional vitamins and dietary values, dry meals might be thought-about on the identical scale on the subject of diet as contemporary meals is. 

Totally different Strategies of Meals Dehydrating

There are numerous methods you possibly can dehydrate your meals. Some choices range relying on the meals. Typically, any meals might be dehydrated utilizing one of many following processes. 

  1. Solar Drying your meals – leaving your meals in a shaded backyard when summer season climate permits. It’s a nice alternative, however just some have excellent summer season climate all 12 months spherical. 
  2. Oven Drying – as all of us have an oven, that is the tactic everybody can use. Merely drying your meals on the lowest temperature for hours transforms your slices into excellent crunchy bites. The drawback is that you could watch your drying course of as typically the meals can burn shortly. 
  3. Air Frying – air frying your meals into dehydrated chips is without doubt one of the latest choices I’ve but to experiment with. One destructive is that air fryers don’t maintain a lot meals, so you possibly can solely dehydrate a small quantity. 
  4. Utilizing a Dehydrator – drying your meals in a dehydrator is the very best and most secure technique. You wouldn’t have to look at your meals for burning; it retains all of its diet. 

What Is a Dehydrator?

dehydrator is mostly a kitchen gadget that works the identical manner as an oven on a a lot smaller scale. 

The dehydrator is normally a lot smaller than the oven and might be positioned in your kitchen counter when in want and saved in your pantry for the remainder of the time. 

Why Use Dehydrator?

The dehydrator will not be solely nice for preserving your harvested meals but in addition offers you the choice to arrange snacks that retain vitamins. 

You possibly can, in fact, freeze your produce. You may make jams, preserving the previous manner by cooking and canning, however dehydrating brings you to a brand new stage of storing.

An amazing plus in utilizing a dehydrator is that your freezer will get more room as you possibly can retailer all of the meals in your pantry for months. 

What Meals Dehydrator Is the Greatest?

There are numerous varieties of dehydrators out out there to select from. 

They range in dimension and big-time costs as effectively. 

How to decide on a meals dehydrator to your dehydrating recipes relies upon actually in your finances, house in your kitchen, and the way large a scale you’re planning to go for. 

Excalibur is the very best model of all dehydrators, however it’s costly and the most important one in the marketplace. My mother and father have it, and it’s nice. They’ve an enormous home, so there’s a number of house. Additionally they have an enormous backyard, and the dehydrator goes on a complete blast in the case of harvesting. 

Alternatively, I purchased a easy, no-name spherical form dehydrator in a daily retailer. It’s a lot simpler to retailer as I wouldn’t have additional house, and it really works completely as I solely use it often. It will get issues carried out virtually the identical manner. 

So you could resolve on all these facets to purchase the one which works for you. 

What Are the Greatest Meals To Dehydrate?

There are lots of decisions in deciding what meals you possibly can dehydrate, from virtually all veggies, fruits, and herbs to meats, fish, and pasta, to even a totally cooked meal. 

Dehydrated Meals for Backpacking

Nice use of a dehydrator is when one plans to go backpacking.

You possibly can put together your meals upfront, prepare dinner your meals, make pasta, sauces, soups, and extra.

By dehydrating, you’ll not solely protect the meals, however you’re lowering the load of the meals to greater than half, and carrying it in your baggage will take up a lot much less house. 

How Dehydration Works Information

Easy steps to comply with whenever you plan to dehydrate your meals. 

The fundamentals of dehydrating begin with preparation.

  • Wash and clear – Guarantee all of your meals is completely washed and dried and discharge any broken or over-ripe items. 
  • Blanch – Some the greens, comparable to broccoli, might be blanched earlier than dehydrating to retain their colour. In that case, place it into the boiling water for two minutes and instantly add ice-cold water in order that the greens will cease the cooking course of.
  • Minimize your meals into skinny slices utilizing a mandolin, vegetable slicer, or meat slicer. The thinner your meals is sliced, the shorter it is going to take to dehydrate.

Relating to fruits, particularly berries, attempt to minimize them no less than in half as some, like blueberries, take double the quantity to dry when complete. 

A tray of vegetable slices on top of a wooden table.
Dehydrated Meals Recipes.

Fruits To Dehydrate

Dehydrated Fruit is without doubt one of the most unbelievable snacks one can have. Aside from our recipes, there are numerous different choices for dehydrating low-carb or keto fruits. All attainable berries are part of our way of life, they usually can all be dehydrated into excellent crunchy chips or a snack. 

You may make:

  • Dried Blueberries
  • Dried Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Purple Currant
  • Black Currant
  • Gooseberries
  • Raspberries
  • Lemon
  • Wild berries
  • Elderberries
  • Lingonberries
  • Cranberries
  • Lime
  • Boysenberries
  • Huckleberries
  • Mulberries
  • Dewberries

How To Dehydrate Fruits?

After you do the fundamentals comparable to washing, cleansing, and drying your fruits, you need to be in a wonderful manner of dehydrating them.

Minimize your fruits into skinny slices and place them one after the other on dehydrator trays, making certain they don’t overlap.

Refill all of your plates, shut the dehydrator and comply with your dehydrator’s directions.

Change to roughly 70 Celsius or 160 Fahrenheit.

The dehydration time depends upon what kind of fruits you’re dehydrating, how thick the slices are, how large the fruits are, and what number of trays you’ll fill. I normally swap the timings for five to 7 hours and act accordingly.

Each 2 hours, attempt to swap the trays to make sure uniformity of dehydration. 

Greens To Dehydrate

Nearly all veggies are a part of our way of life, so you possibly can dehydrate something you possibly can think about. 

Dehydrated Greens

To offer you a couple of examples of sorts of greens to dehydrate, you may make:

  • Dried Mushrooms 
  • Dehydrated Onions
  • Kale Chips Dehydrator
  • Dried Inexperienced Beans
  • Dehydrated Broccoli
  • Olives
  • Lettuce
  • Asparagus
  • Avocados
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Butterhead Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Salat
  • Zucchini
  • Tomato
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Brussel Sprout
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • Recent Herbs
  • Radish
  • Arugula

How To Dry Greens

You possibly can apply the identical process as drying fruits to drying your contemporary or frozen greens. 

A very powerful factor is to clean and dry your veggies completely. Discharge any broken or over-ripe items. 

Some greens, comparable to broccoli, would possibly want blanching or lemon juice to protect the colour and texture. You place them into the boiling water for two minutes and instantly into ice-cold water for greens to cease the cooking course of.

Minimize or slice your greens and guarantee they’re all totally dry to shorten the dehydrating course of. 

What To Make With Dried Greens?

One nice thought is to make use of your dried greens as a meal seasoning. 

You possibly can grind them into powder and blend them to have a seasoning combination to your soup. 

We used a product referred to as Vegeta once I was small, which we used for all of our cooking.

Since I’ve a dehydrator, I at all times dry my veggies, gently grind them, retailer them in a mason jar, and use them for something I prepare dinner. 

Dry Nuts

Dehydrating nuts is a chapter by itself. 

Unsure in case you have heard, however each kind of nut you purchase accommodates phytates, which block the absorption of nutritional vitamins and minerals we get from them.

The excellent news is that by soaking your nuts in a single day, you possibly can lower the phytates in nuts to virtually a minimal.

You should dehydrate your nuts later to return them to their unique type.

And I inform you, they style a lot, significantly better. For those who attempt it as soon as, you’ll by no means eat store-bought nuts instantly once more. 

Different Important Dehydrated Meals and Dehydrated Meals

Aside from dehydrating fruits, greens, and nuts, you possibly can dehydrate numerous different meals.

For instance, you may make:

  • Dried meat
  • Herbs and spices
  • Dehydrated marshmallows
  • Dairy merchandise
  • Dry soup combine
  • Broth
  • Snacks
  • Uncooked bread crackers
  • Beef jerky
  • Fruit leather-based 
  • Sauces – particularly for backpacking
  • Cooked pasta
  • Cheese
  • Complete meals
A plate of dried fruit and vegetables on a wooden table.
Dehydrating Meals Recipes.

How To Dehydrate Meat as Meals Preservation?

Particularly for storing or backpacking, dehydrating meat is an effective way to purchase it in bulk when contemporary or at a terrific worth and have it prepared each time wanted. 

I’ve made a separate recipe for methods to dehydrate rooster and make rooster powder, which you’ll be able to have a look at.

One of many variations in comparison with different varieties of meals is that the dehydration course of needs to be made solely after you’ve gotten cooked or steamed your meat. 

The precise course of applies to your whole meat dehydration, be it pork, fish, beef, turkey, lean meat, and even floor beef. 

Can You Dehydrate Grains?

Dehydrating grains might be difficult on account of their excessive starch content material and sophisticated construction, making them much less appropriate for conventional meals dehydrators. Whereas some grains might be partially dried, it’s typically really useful to retailer grains of their pure, unprocessed state or go for different preservation strategies.

The way to Rehydrate Dried Meals?

Place your dehydrated meals into the nice and cozy water for half-hour, and you need to use them additional. 

Conditioning Dried Meals

I like to recommend conditioning your dried meals earlier than storing it for prolonged intervals. 

The way to Situation and Retailer Dried Meals?

Conditioning your dried meals is a fairly simple job. 

Fill your mason jar loosely and shake it daily for seven days. Examine if any mildew seems and discard these items. 

After that, you possibly can retailer your meals in your pantry for as much as 6 months and extra. 

How To Retailer Dehydrated Meals?

Retailer your whole dried meals in hermetic containers conditioned beforehand.

What Is a Shelf Lifetime of Dried Meals?

Dried meals can final in your pantry for years if completely dried and correctly saved. You possibly can even add oxygen absorber packets into every container to assist with long-term storage much more.

What Can I Make With Dehydrated Meals?

After you dehydrate your meals, you need to use it even additional.

Aside from snacking or including them to your meals, you possibly can powder them and use them as fruit powders or vegetable powders for numerous dishes. 

An instance is our strawberry powder, which is superb for adorning truffles and offers you scrumptious taste. 

Herbs and greens, on the opposite aspect, might be remodeled into seasonings you need to use anytime you prepare dinner your meals. 

Dehydrated Meals Recipes

Coming to the tip of my writing and rationalization, I now current you with the 20 greatest dehydrated meals recipes.

Uncover quite a lot of tasty and nutritious dehydrated snacks which you can simply make at residence.

Benefit from the satisfying crunch of cucumber chips and zucchini chips, or delve into the sweetness of dehydrated strawberries, blueberries, and fruit roll-ups. Learn to make strawberry powder for including taste to your recipes. Discover distinctive treats like churro pork rinds and smoked paprika zucchini chips. Elevate your dishes with selfmade onion powder, mushroom powder, and rooster powder. You possibly can even discover steering on dehydrating raspberries and creating dehydrated broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and rooster. With recipes starting from pork rinds in an air fryer to uncooked crackers bread, this assortment has one thing for everybody. Don’t neglect to attempt your hand at dehydrated radish chips and activated almonds for an additional particular deal with.

Benefit from the comfort and taste of those dehydrated meals recipes in your individual kitchen.

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Dehydrated Meals.

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Prep Time

Cook dinner Time
6 hours

Whole Time
6 hours quarter-hour


  • 2 Cups of Fruits
  • 2 Cups of Greens


  1. Put together your fruits or greens. Wash and clear them completely ensuring all the unhealthy items are minimize out.
  2. Relying on what precisely are you planing to make, minimize your veggies and fruits into smaller items or slice into about quarter of an inch thick slices.
  3. I you’re planing to season them, add right into a mixing bowl and sprinkle together with your favourite seasonings or seeds. Gently combine all ensuring every bit is roofed together with your flavors.
  4. Layer one after the other on a sigle sheets of dehydrator trays, ensuring there’s a house in between for the air to flow into. Shut the lid and dehydrate for few hours relying on the kind and dimension of your vegatables and fruits.


  • Trays – be sure to alternate the trays throughout the dehydration course of, ensuring all the vegatables and fruits will get dried equally.
  • This publish is a basic details about dehydrating your produce. Every one of many 20 recipes talked about, has bought its personal publish with all the main points, suggestions and tips particularly for that recipe.
  • Diet datas listed below are basic because it at all times depends upon what you’re dehydrating.
  • Quantity – from roughly 2 cups of your items, you’ll find yourself with about 1 cup of dehydrated goodies.

Advisable Merchandise

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Diet Info



Serving Measurement

Half a Cup

Quantity Per Serving

Energy 40Whole Fats 0gSaturated Fats 0gTrans Fats 0gUnsaturated Fats 0gLdl cholesterol 0mgSodium 0mgCarbohydrates 6gFiber 3gSugar 0gProtein 3g

Calculation is basic, please confer with the person recipe for presize detailed nutritions.

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